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  Eidson & Associates, Inc. is a general contractor committed to excellence for its clients. Our clients are our most important asset. Nothing less than the very best in construction service is acceptable to us. Everyone at Eidson & Associates, Inc. understands that quality is part of their responsibility. We believe that quality must be an attitude established daily on the job if we are to maintain the highest standards of workmanship. After all, true quality is always revealed in the finished product.

  We are heavily involved in the complete process of construction; including, pre-construction services, design/build services, construction management services, and general contracting services. We also perform work doing conceptual design and estimating, negotiating bids, value engineering and on a competitive bid basis when requested by an owner.

  Here at Eidson & Associates, Inc., we are committed to working with you in an open book manner to save you money and maximize your value, while insuring you will receive a quality facility. We propose to every client that their contract be under whatever conditions make them, as the owner, the most comfortable, whether it be a Fixed Sum, Cost Plus, or Cost Plus with a GMP.

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